person is safe and sound. Neelam is believed to be capable of protecting the wearer against misfortunes and unforeseen dangers caused by Saturn, especially against the accidents caused by fire, storm and natural calamities. Also known as Neelam, this stone is bright blue in color and is very popular amongst highly renowned personalities. It reinstates lost wealth and property.

Who should wear it?

Blue sapphire can bless the native with accomplishment of his dreams and desires and can help ward off any malefic effects of the planet Saturn. It eradicates various obstacles from one’s path related to physical well-being, gloominess, poverty and could instill the wearer with longevity, happiness, strength, wealth and prosperity. Although this precious stone brings immense financial stability, it can really prove to be dangerous and deadly if worn by somebody it’s not meant for. Thus, it is important to consult a qualified astrologer before wearing it and should be worn only under his expert guidance.

  • Career: It has proved it’s high efficiency and benefits to the people in the business of transportation, real-estate, vehicles, mils and machines related to production of minerals, laborers or any similar business as it bestows them with tremendous business growth and more opportunities. Besides this, people working in the fields related to law enforcement can also wear this stone as it can help turn your losses back in the shape of gains. If favorable, this gemstone holds the potential to take one to greater heights and success. It bestows the wearer with extra ordinary ideas, supreme intelligence and highly-exceptional skills.
  • Life: Blue Sapphire brings a strong stillness of mind. It protects the native from foes, evil eyes, curses, resentment etc. Furthermore, it helps eliminate negativity, unknown fears and complications. But while it leads the native towards strong morals of life, on the other hand, if unfavorable, it can adversely impact the native leaving him low-spirited and broke. In order to prevent oneself from these negative reflections of this gemstone, it is strongly advised to consult an expert before wearing it.
  • Health: This gemstone his proved his wonders when it comes to healing. Known to even heal infertility, Blue Sapphire brings freedom from depression, frustration and anxiety. Besides this, this gemstone is very powerful against prevailing problems of alcoholism and provides instant relief by boosting metabolism and energy. Helpful for eliminating gloominess and lethargy, it also improves digestion and helps improve focus and attentiveness. This gemstone possesses excellent healing abilities to ease the senses and bestows the native with tranquility and peace.

When and How to wear it?

Blue sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and is a lucky gem for all those born under Number 8.

  • Blue sapphire or Neelam can be worn as earrings, rings, necklace or pendants. But to receive maximum benefits, it is advised to wear Neelam as a ring or pendant.
  • It can be set in penta alloy (mixture of 5 metals), gold or silver after evaluating the suitability of the metal from the native’s Kundli.
  • Before wearing the ring or pendant made of this gemstone, one should always consecrate it in order to benefit from this capable stone.
  • This gemstone should always be worn on a Saturday or as recommended by an expert.
  • One should avoid wearing Pearl, Ruby and Red Coral along with this gemstone unless recommended by an expert astrologer, as the effects of in some cases might concede with each other.
  • Natives with Lord Shani in 3rd or 8th house of the birth chart should not wear this gemstone.

Method: Dip the stone in raw milk or ganga jal preceding night. Wake up early in the morning as it should be worn within one hour of sunrise. After bath, face towards east direction and keep the ring in your right hand. Recite the respective/advised Mantra for at least 108 times and wear the stone!

Precautions and Care:

Sometimes, the stone warn us about the need to alter or remove the gem by diminishing its color or producing a crack. One should instantly change the stone in any such case.

Being one of the hardest and durable stone, it’s not very difficult to clean Sapphire. The Safest and simplest way to clean Blue sapphire is to wash it with lukewarm soapy water and wipe it with a soft cleaning cloth. Once the stone is set in jewelry, use a soft brush to clean it. Also, in order to maintain this stone’s radiance, it is very important to clean the pavilion of this stone.